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Julian –

Victim Location 90078

Total money lost $160

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These people are selling star wars lego kits and clothing via online stores at cheaper than retail prices. They advertise through Facebook and direct you to a website that at first glance appears to be legitimate with lots of customer reviews and even a guaranteed safe checkout logo on the order page.

Their site offers products at bargain clearance sale price with limited remaining stock (often counting down from 7 left to 3 left in front of your eyes), tricking you into an impulse purchase. After payment is made you won’t receive an email receipt and you will never get the product ordered. If you google their email address on their contact page ([email protected]) or their physical Brooklyn business address (143 Brooklyn Ave Brooklyn, NY 11213) you will find many similar fake online stores selling the same items, which is most likely set up by the same people.

Here are a few of the online stores associated with this scam but it should be assumed there are many others as well – https://www.zstarplay.com/, https://xgalaxytoys.com/, https://ziplaygalaxy.com/, https://fgalaxyplay.com/, https://igalaxytoys.com/, https://wstarwarsstore.com/, https://sgalaxyplay.com/, https://fgalaxytoys.com/, https://zedgalaxyplay.com/, https://jgalaxytoys.com/, https://playgalaxytoy.com/, https://jgalaxyplays.com/, https://zgalaxyfun.com/, https://zedgalaxy.com/, https://vigalaxyshop.com/, https://qstarwars.com/, https://wstarwars.com/



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