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Scott King


Johnathan – Victim Location 98101 Total money lost $25,000 Type of a scam Romance Scott King (Scott Craig King) is a SCAM ARTIST AND A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL . He is on the run and now in Seattle. He pretends to have a different business every couple of months. On social media he pretends to be…

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Dylan – Jan 08, 2021 Scammer’s website Country United States Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Initial means of contact Not applicable VIKIMORE una tienda en línea donde compre unas botas de cuero legítimo segun el anuncio y me enviaron unas botas de material sintético de muy mala calidad, reclame la devolución de mi…

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Melisa Tiffany


Nicole – Sep 05, 2020 SHE IS GOING TO GET HERS HER SON ALSO Levi – Sep 05, 2020 The same exact scam but with a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT. AND EBAY is right along with her they are telling me to send an extra $600 for title transfer and attorney insurance and insurance on…

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Maxi Parrots


Melinda – Sep 22, 2020 Total Scam! They DO NOT have ANY BIRDS. I WAS attempting to purchase two birds and lost $2500! Quoted me an initial price sent money and then asked for shipping in special container via airlines. They send whta appears to be legitimate documentation but its all a scam and lie!…

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Trust Community Foundation Grant


Adriana – Victim Location 20011 Type of a scam Government Grant I have had a scam presented to be called "Trust Community Foundation" Grant, that suppose to be a government grant program. I was asked to provide personal information. Then was offered 20,000 if I fedex 500.00 for delivery and tax fees. I rejected offer….

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Cutter group

Tyler – Victim Location 77029 Type of a scam Debt Collections This number has been calling me fir weeks. With threats and unknown info to my knowledge.When they called its a female recording. Then they transfer u to a rep. i was told it was a debt collect, then guy went from collector to a…

Walter – Sep 25, 2020 Rita – Beware of this website it is a total scam! I ordered two sweatshirts off of this website and they look absolutely nothing like what the pictures show. They say you have 15 days to return your items if you’re not satisfied so I have contacted [email protected] every day…

Gem State Home Group LLC

Rebekah – Victim Location 83814 Total money lost $36,000 Type of a scam Home Improvement I am a Realtor, I had a high end listing that I wanted to stage. I put a call out on my inner office FB. Eric Carl Faber, who was also a Realtor in my office, immediately answered, stating he…

Birkenstock Shoes Outlet

Latasha – Victim Location 48009 Type of a scam Online Purchase Price comparing online and found this site claiming to be a Birkenstock Shoes outlet site. The site, at first, looks legit. I ordered shoes and gave my credit card. I never received a confirmation email so I started investigating and found out the site…

Marriott Motels

Manuel – Victim Location 45817 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Recorded message said because we recently stayed at a Marriot and they had my phone number we were being called to award us a free stay. I was told to press one on the keypad if I was interested in getting details. As we are…

Federal Registration Processing

Christie – Victim Location 19086 Type of a scam Government Grant I completed SAM registration two days ago, which allows my company to apply for federal grants. In my confirmation email from the US Government, there was a statement that indicated that my application and processing was completely free. Today, I recieved a call from…

INTERC E transfer

Kate – Type of a scam Online Purchase I posted an add on *** looking to sell an ipad. I got an email back from a man looking to email transfer me the funds for the ipad plus additional funds to ship the ipad to him in Toronto. He sent me money by email for…

Claims to be United Postal Service

Walter – Victim Location 04222 Type of a scam Phishing someone from the United postal Service asks if they can deliver a package and gets you to say YES and hangs up.

Family Fitness

Martin – Victim Location 49009 Total money lost $48 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes  Family Fitness of Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas have a horrible reputation of how they conduct business when it pertains to contracts. They contact potential members and tell them they were entered into a sweepstake and have won a…

EC Services

John – Victim Location 95670 Type of a scam Tax Collection EC Services in Tracy CA, knowingly alters numbers for clients and uses SSN of children not in the preparee’s home. Husband/Wife Crook Team!

Energy Loans

Devin – Victim Location 32207 Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan Alan Davis called me to let me know I was approved for 5K Loan but I need to activate it with a $500.00 Google Play Card

BDC Financial Services

Nancy – Victim Location 89503 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order I received a check for 6800 dollars saying it is the processing fee for the 338,200 certified check on it way. The date on the check I received was 1/24/2017 all the papers with it are dated 1/24/2018.