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Scott King


Johnathan – Victim Location 98101 Total money lost $25,000 Type of a scam Romance Scott King (Scott Craig King) is a SCAM ARTIST AND A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL . He is on the run and now in Seattle. He pretends to have a different business every couple of months. On social media he pretends to be…

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Dylan – Jan 08, 2021 Scammer’s website Country United States Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Initial means of contact Not applicable VIKIMORE una tienda en línea donde compre unas botas de cuero legítimo segun el anuncio y me enviaron unas botas de material sintético de muy mala calidad, reclame la devolución de mi…

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Maxi Parrots


Melinda – Sep 22, 2020 Total Scam! They DO NOT have ANY BIRDS. I WAS attempting to purchase two birds and lost $2500! Quoted me an initial price sent money and then asked for shipping in special container via airlines. They send whta appears to be legitimate documentation but its all a scam and lie!…

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Melisa Tiffany


Nicole – Sep 05, 2020 SHE IS GOING TO GET HERS HER SON ALSO Levi – Sep 05, 2020 The same exact scam but with a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT. AND EBAY is right along with her they are telling me to send an extra $600 for title transfer and attorney insurance and insurance on…

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Negotiations Department


Cindy – Jan 02, 2021 Received this letter, thought it was strange but I have called them. Waiting on call back from 616 area code. Glad I google this and read these reviews. Thanks everyone for the warning. I have received settlements before on other accounts, usually they are from lawyers. Encourage everyone to fill…

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North Face Outlet Store

Alex – Victim Location 95354 Total money lost $77.80 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product I simply attempted to make an online purchase through an add I found on social media. The add was for North Face Outlet Store and they advertised great sales on last years close out items. I created an account and…

Schnucks mkt

Matthew – Victim Location 63026 Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief The recorded voice woman’s just said hi this is Melissa and said something about helping with my credit card since I had such a good rating history

National Health Agency

Dale – Victim Location 19154 Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare Called 25 times in 15 minutes demands SS Number for health insurance quote.

AGRP Solutions Inc.

Todd – Type of a scam Employment I was contacted by a man claiming to be the manager via email. He said he saw my resume on and was offering me work from home employment. He called the position Online Service Manager. I asked if we could chat on the phone regarding what the…

kruella.x (Instagram)

Noah – Victim Location 98499 Type of a scam Phishing A person uses instagram adding videos and testemonials claiming to be able to turn 500 into 5000 in minutes. They claim that they work for western union and its legit. Its a legit way to loose your money. They ask you to send the money…

General Electric Home Security Scam

Wayne – Victim Location 78660 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product i’m filing a home security scam complaint against this general electric home security telemarketing company and they have calling about 300 times and yes they have been very rude to us and very mean to us and they have been very disrespectful to us…


Holly – Total money lost $60 Type of a scam Online Purchase This company had an ad on *** for a free trial bottle of Garcinia Cambodia. I ordered it under the understanding that it was a sample trial bottle and not a monthly trial subscription. I ordered it online with my cell phone and…

United Medical Imposter

Micah – Victim Location 13031 Type of a scam Phishing Called my business phone and when I answered. Said "Is this MY NAME." When I affirmed he hung up.

Social Security Administration of Texas

Catherine – Jul 07, 2020 Victim Location 36575 Type of a scam Other Someone called my cell phone number ans left a message. I returned the call and they then informed me of my ss# being used to rent a abandon rental car and being link to bank accounts totalling 230,000.00. They wanted to know…

Raincy RMI

Jamie – Victim Location 60657 Total money lost $640 Type of a scam Credit Cards I received an email from Urban Outfitters stating that I had placed 4 orders during the early morning hours. Raincy RMI is a Vietnamese cargo shipping service located in TX. They did not contact me directly but instead hacked into…

Universal Orlando Youth

Marcus – Victim Location 29505 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product They got my contact info. before I realized it to be fraud. Once they asked for credit card information BEFORE answering my questions, I realized it to be fraudulent.


Cristina – Victim Location 97058 Type of a scam Online Purchase Anashihtzupuppies Total scam. wanted $550 via Walmart money order. Foreign accent, became rude when I inquired about their authenticity. These people thrive on heartstrings. I lost my shih tzu 8 months ago. It still hurts. If I lived closer I would go there now….