Small giants

Andrea – Victim Location 38583 Total money lost $6,000 Type of a scam Online Purchase Deleted my account after 6 months paying $1,000s on it. In my google history order. I’m also disabled.

Silent Shopper

Katherine – Victim Location 53216 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Sent cashier check to my home with instructions for business in Texas to evaluate as "Silent Shopper". I called 800 number number identified om Check. Informed it was a fake check. Tore up check

Silver bulldog

Catherine – Victim Location 48180 Total money lost $500 Type of a scam Online Purchase The website is selling English Bulldog puppies with free shipping. Then , when you purchase the puppy , he tell you that there is a shipping insurance for and additional fee. I Ask for refund , then seller lost all …

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Social Community Grants

Edward – Victim Location 13346 Type of a scam Government Grant i was messaged by someone i didnt know, but we had mutual friends on facebook. her name is Jodi Clark, and she told me to apply for a grant via text. no, i think not!!!

Simply southern boutique

Jaclyn – Victim Location 85710 Total money lost $28 Type of a scam Online Purchase Company does not respond back to emails and doesn’t ship out items that are ordered. No phone number to contact company no address and no response to emails.

Spoof Royal Carribean

Micah – Victim Location 33432 Type of a scam Phishing After answering "Yes" to a question he asked, he hung-up.

Sollace Wedding

Sergio – Victim Location 93611 Total money lost $649 Type of a scam Other I first found this company on the website , I read the reviews they seemed great and I decided to call his business and spoke with him. Everything seemed great so I asked that he email me the contract. Once he …

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Skyline Insurance Company

Sergio – Victim Location 64506 Type of a scam Employment Tiffany Hightower contacted me with a job offer and a monthly salary of $3,200.00 if I agreed to be an Insurance Inspector for her company. She sent me a well drawn up contract that was already pre-signed by her. She then began sending stuff to …

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Smith Co Clerk’s Office

Dana – Victim Location 66223 Type of a scam Phishing "Investigator Morgan Phillips" (confirmed fake name) left VM saying she had 3 complaints against her name & offered the last 4 digits of her SS#. She was to return the call before the police arrested her.

Social Security Administration Crime Investigation

Brandy – Victim Location 44136 Type of a scam Other ¬†Consumer received a call from 234-249-5824. They said they were from the Social Security Crime Investigation Department. They just left that information and the phone number above in consumer’s voicemail for her to call them back.


Cameron – Victim Location 48446 Type of a scam Rental On Saturday, September 22, 2018 lovely home wrote: Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my house. Yes the house is still available for rent and we are looking for a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the house now that we are not around. …

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Sirius XM

Ebony – Victim Location 48867 Type of a scam Phishing The phone number was somewhat local and I rarely receive calls on my cell other than from friends or family. However, since it was local, I answered the call. The female was hard to hear at first because of a lot of background noise, she …

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Social security gov- IMPOSTOR

Roberto – Victim Location 91601 Type of a scam Identity Theft Calls many times a day with different numbers (844, 866). Man’s voice saying, "your social security has been suspended for suspicious activity. If you want to know about this press one. Thank you."

Skywest animal airline

Virginia – Victim Location 43512 Type of a scam Online Purchase Went to purchase a yorky puppy for my aunt that was supposed to be delivered from Florida in 4-5 hours via an airplane. This didn’t seem possible, so when the seller called me an sent me a link, it was a fraudulent link that …

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Speaking zero

Margaret – Victim Location 48120 Total money lost $29.95 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product There are floods of complaints on Instagram about this company

Softtech LLC

Colin – Victim Location 94520 Type of a scam Tech Support I do not know if was a scam call, but I was suspicious. I was told that they could tell several hackers had attempted to get into my computer, and they could fix it so that they could not, and find out who they …

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Solar panel company

Diana – Victim Location 56377 Type of a scam Utility I believe this is the scam where the telemarketer asks "are you there" and they record "yes". I had forgotten about this scam until I received the call today and I answered "yep" not even thinking. I am scared now that identity theft will ensue …

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Star Energy

Albert – Victim Location 60634 Type of a scam Utility Door to door sales person claiming to be part of the ComeEd/Star Energy merger, claiming that ComEd now uses green energy and they want to make sure that the fossil fuel tax has been removed from our bill. Asked to see it and claimed they …

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