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Scott King


Johnathan – Victim Location 98101 Total money lost $25,000 Type of a scam Romance Scott King (Scott Craig King) is a SCAM ARTIST AND A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL . He is on the run and now in Seattle. He pretends to have a different business every couple of months. On social media he pretends to be…

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Dylan – Jan 08, 2021 Scammer’s website Country United States Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Initial means of contact Not applicable VIKIMORE una tienda en línea donde compre unas botas de cuero legítimo segun el anuncio y me enviaron unas botas de material sintético de muy mala calidad, reclame la devolución de mi…

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Maxi Parrots


Melinda – Sep 22, 2020 Total Scam! They DO NOT have ANY BIRDS. I WAS attempting to purchase two birds and lost $2500! Quoted me an initial price sent money and then asked for shipping in special container via airlines. They send whta appears to be legitimate documentation but its all a scam and lie!…

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Melisa Tiffany


Nicole – Sep 05, 2020 SHE IS GOING TO GET HERS HER SON ALSO Levi – Sep 05, 2020 The same exact scam but with a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT. AND EBAY is right along with her they are telling me to send an extra $600 for title transfer and attorney insurance and insurance on…

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Negotiations Department


Cindy – Jan 02, 2021 Received this letter, thought it was strange but I have called them. Waiting on call back from 616 area code. Glad I google this and read these reviews. Thanks everyone for the warning. I have received settlements before on other accounts, usually they are from lawyers. Encourage everyone to fill…

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Card Member Services Company – SPOOF

Sean – Victim Location 75061 Type of a scam Credit Cards Phone call offered lower interest rates. Said name of company is Card Member Services and represents all major banks for credit cards. Would not provide information on how they got my name. I’ve had multiple calls from a range of numbers from this service….

Classic Ragdoll Kittens Home

Jaime – Jun 12, 2020 Victim Location 38103 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product Website claiming to sell Ragdoll kittens. They ask for money ($700 for kitten mostly valued $1500+; or $300 deposit). They claim to be registered TICA breeders but will not provide information to verify and will not allow local visit without payment…

Geema Land

Sheena – Victim Location 98310 Total money lost $58.91 Type of a scam Online Purchase I ordered and paid for a Hiking blanket for my Daughter for Christmas. 58.91 was the total. The company has not responded to anu messages. But the have got their money. The is no information to be found about them…

microsoft services impostor

Valerie – Feb 17, 2020 Victim Location 34610 Total money lost $250 Type of a scam Tech Support the man called saying that my laptop was being invaded by scams he showed several 976 types .i gave him $ card. that was the 20th of dec 1919. i just got my laptop back from…


Danielle – Aug 02, 2020 Victim Location 32940 Total money lost $99 Type of a scam Online Purchase I ordered a kayak from that never shipped and there was no correspondence or invoice sent. I went to click the 24/7 chat button on their website only to find out it was a dummy button….

Donna davis

John – Victim Location 34470 Type of a scam Online Purchase I emailed Ms Donna about the car she was sell she said she was deployed in a special training and just got divorce and wanted 1000 but only thru eBay cards 500 each I then looked it up about how to put the money…

Global Shippings Company

Corey – Aug 14, 2020 Total money lost $3,419 Type of a scam Online Purchase Fake shipping company took 3,419 and didnt deliver and won’t return my money Lori – Aug 13, 2020 Total money lost $4,519 Type of a scam Online Purchase I bought a puppy through a breeder and this was the shipping…

Jayden Anderson

Sharon – Victim Location 95687 Total money lost $450 Type of a scam Online Purchase Was trying to buy a puppy made my payment thru PayPal and asking me to send more money to Wal-Mart for the crate of the puppy!

US Health Advocates

Karen – Victim Location 55358 Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare Pharmacy request for medication patient is not prescribed from a pharmacy patient does not use.

Biolabs Ketogeniks Keto

Carl – Feb 25, 2020 Victim Location 10990 Type of a scam Online Purchase To buy the supplement a 6 dollar delivery fee is charged. After about 2 weeks, then you will be charge of $89.82 and then a charge of S89.84. You can not contact them by phone as I have had no luck…

Paul Delacruz

Gina – Victim Location 53172 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Friend of mine iMessaged me to text a certain number to get $150,000 lottery money from Facebook. It wasn’t her. The number was 323-741-6706

Beautylink Wholesale

Anna – Victim Location 91401 Total money lost $160 Type of a scam Online Purchase This scammer offers high end beauty products on the website including expensive perfumes, face injectables like botox, prescription drugs, and other products related to beauty. Products are offered at discounted rates but they are still pretty expensive. The scammer let…