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Dominique –

Victim Location 59401

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My mother passed away in June. As I was cleaning her office I found multiple envelopes with the above address on the outside. Inside there were as many as six different letters addressed to her telling her that she had won some sum of money or a new car. Each different scam asked her to send some fee for processing, anywhere between five to 30 dollars. The return envelop in all cases was addressed to Piseczno, Poland. She had indeed sent them money and had written on the outside of the envelope the word “Save” as she was certain she had won some money. But it did not stop there. She also received multiple letters from the following address: CC International SPI LYS 00300570

CH-8010 Zurich Mulligan, Switzerland with numerous different letters by clairvoyants or gods who projected her to have abundant riches and asking her to send money so they could share the knowledge. The inside return envelop was addressed to Netherlands. Finally, she had purchased junk from the “amazing Kresken” promising her to learn how to win sweepstakes. One of the recommendations was to enter many sweepstakes and buy a small trinket or something along that line. As I cleaned through her office which was full of multiple scams I was sick to my stomach. This is rampant please protect your elderly loved ones. She received a letter end of July with a check for $4600, telling her she had won 500k but not to cash the check until she called one of two people named in the letter. Another scam but this one almost had me believing it.



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