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Erin – Sep 13, 2020

Victim Location 84403

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Looking online for Dyson stick vac. Clicked on "Dyson Store". Was taken to Shopify. Purchased a V11 Torque Drive Cord Free Vac in Blue/Nickle. Paid $299.99 via PayPal on Thursday May 23, 2019. Received an email confirming my order number161012. At the bottom of email it said if any questions reply to [email protected] I also received a receipt of my payment from service on May 24, 2019 with transaction # and correct shipping address confirmed

When no vac arrived by June 6 I attempted to open case through PayPal resolution center. Site was not functioning for several days. When you clicked on "submit" it continuously said: "oops, sorry but we’ve done something wrong….please try again.

I called PayPal and reported I had not received item. A case was opened for me. The lady told me she would contact seller and let them know there was a problem and in the meantime I should also contact seller. I sent emails to scammer address above twice with no response. PayPal lady also said to log on again in 11 days and escalate case if not resolved. I did this but never heard from anyone again. PayPal had sent me a tracking number with a transaction number. My name and address were not o the form. It said it had been delivered. I went to UPS and explained and insisted they tell me where this tracking number went. It went to a nearby bike shop. I went to the bike shop and they showed me the invoice with that same tracking number that came on the box with a bike in it.

Next I logged on to PayPal to see their progress with my case and there was no case visible for me. Everything was blank. There wasn’t even an old case I could click on. So I called PayPal again and a computer voice told me my case had been resolved and found in favor of the seller. I wrote a letter to PayPal and sent to their physical address to explain all this along with all the documentation I have spoken of. They never responded!! I later closed my PayPal account.


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