TV Guide Imposter Subscription Phishing

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Paul –

Victim Location 12309

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Since my husband died on Feb 12, I have received at least three calls from a woman purporting to be following up on a special offer from TV Guide. It seems to be the same woman every time and she tells the same story–she talked to my husband last fall and was in the process of securing an order from him. Then she goes on to say she has been seriously ill in the hospital and hasn’t been able to call until now. Each time I have told her that my husband has died, she apologizes, and I say I don’t want to continue the magazine. I think she is phishing for a credit card number, but I have never given her one. I contacted TV Guide and they say they have no connection to this. Last night I wrote down her number after her latest call and that is the number I have reported above.



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