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Krista –

Victim Location 21921

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

My father had been working to renovate our garage and had fallen ill, so our garage sat as-is for some time. Terry Eugene Wilson, proprietor of Tristate Additions, Decks and More, came calling at our door and offered to finish the work on it for us. He provided my parents with an estimate outlining work to be done, stating:

"100% satisfaction w/ 5 year warranty"

"Work will be completed in a timely manner. All work will be okayed by homeowner."

"Payment will be as follows: 1/3 to start, 1/3 halfway through, final when job is 100% completed."

He misunderstood his own work description and tried to perform additional work that we didn’t want; we communicated this to him and he seemed to understand, but didn’t update his paperwork/quote.

He did not bring his own tools and routinely used ours, some of which he broke and others he stole.

He demanded payments ahead of the completion schedule. He continuously kept saying that things quoted in the estimate weren’t included in his quote and demanding additional money. He was often verbally abusive toward my parents when they disagreed.

Every day that he showed up to work, he would be in his vehicle for 2 or 3 hours reading a newspaper and drinking alcohol, and worked maybe an hour or two each day before leaving. He dragged a 2 or 3 week job out for 12 weeks and we ended up doing a significant portion of the work. He claimed to be finished even though not all of the work is done, saying that the additional work is not included.

We refused to pay him beyond the quoted amount with reasonable allotments if/when scope of work increased. We paid him in full for this amount and he is still demanding additional money, despite not paying us for broken tools and material that we had to buy ourselves. We requested a final invoice and he would not provide one. He continued to demand additional payment, harassing us, and when we continued to refuse he threatened my mother. She told him to leave and he would not, so she tried to call the police and he physically assaulted her.

We currently have a peace order against him. When my mother went to the court house to get it he showed up long enough to verbally harass her outside of the court room and then left the courthouse (he did not show up at the hearing), trespassing at my parents’ home to remove property. Googling him revealed previous criminal trespassing charges in Fulton county in June 2012. He is not licensed to operate a business and is driving on a suspended license, according to police.



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