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Bradley –

Victim Location 66604

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a facebook ad about Trek bikes having an incredibly discounted sale. Bikes were being sold for $40-$60 when they are usually around $500-$700 for the same bike. I used to be a bicycle mechanic who build Treks, so I am versed with their products, prices, and sale patterns. This immediately seemed wrong.

Clicking through on the ad, I saw the website had no SSL certificate displayed before the url. The website looked thrown together quickly, which is non-representative of a company of Trek’s size. I Googled Trek’s actual website and contacted customer service to tell them about this. They confirmed that it was not their website, not their sale, nor was the website from one of their authorized dealers.

It is very likely that this website is a scam, getting credit card numbers. The scammers use Trek’s logo and branding as well.



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