Travel Agency – Can you hear me Phone Phishing Scam

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Calvin –

Victim Location 14530

Type of a scam Phishing

The caller introduces himself usually first name in this case its been Joe,calling several times from different local numbers that are currently not in use, after letting you know he was from the hospitality dept of a travel agency, his next question is , CAN YOU HEAR ME OK . if someone answers that question with a Yes, it is then recorded by the caller and that recording is used to link you to products and services that they will say you verbally authorized, and will attempt to receive payment for. My wife saw this scam on her facebook postings and told me about it, the add also said to contact and file this report, On the last call at 1pm on 1/30/2017, when he introduced himself and asked if I was able to hear him ok, I replyed Joe you aren"t going to get me to say what you need me to say, I have blocked all the numbers you have been using and I will block this one also, now leave me alone and stop calling me. I really believe the [censored] will try it again, its also a possibility the people there using have no idea there part of a scam, thank you



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