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Angel –

Victim Location 98312

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was searching on for a german shepherd dog and came across Ellie, the dog, who was available for adoption/rescue through for $200. I submitted an adoption form and instantly was emailed back. Dana Dallabetta (scammer) and I emailed back and forth about Ellie and then switched to text. For back story purposes, Tragic to Magic is a non-profit organization that takes donations when you want to rescue one of their animals. Dana said in order for Ellie to be transported to Bremerton, WA (where I am based per the Navy), I would have to “donate” $150 to the organization as a transportation fee. Done and donated. Ellie was transported and I got her just fine. Then Dana began harassing me for the $200 adoption “fee”. Where I got skeptical is when she began saying it was for rent, how she lived table to mouth, and to pay off bills. In addition, Ellie was not in the condition, as stated by Dana, when we received her. Under the “organization”’s terms and agreements, they are supposed to give out animals that are fully vaccinated and to the best health possible. Ellie was not fully vaccinated. She had a procedure done, just 5 days prior to coming to me, which was documented nowhere. She was being overdosed on the medication I was given to treat her ehrlichia. She was emaciated. And all sorts of other things. I gave Dana one last text after she kept harassing me saying I was hesitant to pay per the aforementioned examples and proceeded to block her. Dana then tried calling me from a scam phone number of 0000000000 and left me a voicemail. I did not respond. Dana then took information off of my adoption application and texted my two references. Both references screenshot and blocked her as well. One of the references she tried calling from an unknown number as well. For her information, it is a donation-thriving organization. I do not have to donate if I don’t see fit. The organization is NOT on the IRS’s tax exempt list for the US and Mexico, and the BBB also has no record of this place. They have no physical address. The email Dana was using is different than the email on the website.



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