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Robyn –

Total money lost $260

Type of a scam Other

Paid $260 for snow clearing service for my elderly that was never rendered even once during the Winter season. Fear that company is scamming clients. On Dec 12/17 we had a snowstorm and I texted *** to ask when he would be making his way to my elderly mother’s home. He replied that they were out as he texted and that first passes were done with exception of a few. They never showed up at all and we had to do it ourselves. Then on December 19, the 2nd snowfall, I asked him when someone would come our way and he said that he sent someone and they did the walkways and were going to come back tomorrow to clear the rest of the property. It was a lie. I sent him texts on Dec 20 saying that I was very unhappy with the situation and that we once again had to clear the snow (done by my mom’s tenant this time whom we paid money to). *** told me to send him photos of the complaint and that he had come by last night and it looked like it was cleared (yes by my mom’s tenant). He then said that they would attend to the property. Nothing was ever done. More lies. He then said that they are doing a pass on everyone and will update me when finished. On Dec 21 he texted to say that he was at the site last night with his crew and that they are fully informed on what to do from here on out. He said that this would not happen again On Dec 25 he said that he attended the site the night before and would go back that same day. Never did. He verbally told me that since their was so little snow, his crew should be home with their families for Christmas as well as to relax for the upcoming storm. Contract states 5 or more cm and we had 8 cm on Christmas day. How nice so this time I had to clear the snow which took away time from my family Christmas. On Dec 26, I texted to call him a liar and a scammer and he asked for photos once again which I sent to him. At that point I was fed up and I just wanted my mother’s money back. He had wasted so much of my time. He obliged and said that he would return the money since no services were ever rendered. On Dec 27, I asked him when the funds would be returned to my mom and his response was "I understand". On Dec 28 I asked again and he indicated that he would be doing that in the next 24 hours. He threatened to take action if I continued to degrade him or his company. I told him to go right ahead and speed up his scam operation. He then had the nerve to say that they were on our site and he himself was there and that someone from the building actually had a chat with his crew. Lies again because there is no building near my mom’s home! On Dec 30, I texted again to say that the 24 hours of him claiming to process the refund have come and gone and still no money has been refunded. He responded with a password for an e-Transfer. I told him that I am not setup for this and he then said that he would bring cash when he is in our neighbourhood that week. On Jan 2nd, 2018, I emailed him AGAIN to ask when the refund would be processed. He asked if I could meet him that week. I missed one of his texts and ended up texting him on January 7 to see if we could meet. He said yes and that the latest would be January 10. I texted him on Jan 10 to agree on a time and he said that he had to salt due to freezing rain which would delay him but that he would be in touch to meet once done. Never hear back from him. On Jan 13 I asked when we could meet to settle it since my mom needed the money for the new snow service provider. He never responded. On Jan 15, I texted again asking the same old question and he replied that he tried calling on 2 different days. I have no register on this on my cell phone. Once again, more lies. He said that he would call me that day or the day after to settle. Never did. On Jan 17, I sent many texts asking where the refund was at and I called him a liar and a scammer. He told me that he would file a police report for harassment and I told him to go right ahead. On Jan 23, I text again with the same question and he never responded to me. He is also scamming my nephew & ex brother-in-law for lack of snow removal services on their commercial property and I recently saw 6 reviews/comments on Yellowpages.ca on Ottawa residents stating the exact issues as I mention above. I also filed a police report on Dec 20, 2017.



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