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Victim Location 43232

Type of a scam Tech Support

On May 15, 2018 at 11:58 AM, I was contacted by an individual from 866 882 6222 claiming that a company (Name unintelligible)I had purchased a product from was discontinued and that I was entitled to a $400.00 refund. He said that he needed access to my computer to remove some of the files from that company. After approximately 2 hours of tinkering with my computer, he said that the product had been removed. He said that he needed access to my bank account to make the electronic refund to my account. then he hung up.

When I logged into my account a few seconds later, there was an online transfer of $4400.00 to my account. I called him and he said that there had been a "Glitch" and that I was to go to the Apple Store near my home and purchase a gift card for $4000.00 and call him back and he would tell me what to do. He gave me a personal number of 209 626 8027 to call. He asked me when I would have the money. I said I couldn’t get it before sometime on May 16. He became extremely angry at this point and said I HAD to get the money IMMEDIATLY

(his words, not mine) I told him there was no way I could go that day. He began talking loudly and rapidly and every time I tried to say anything, he cut me off. I finally hung up on him. He called several times more, And I finally refused to answer the phone.

I called my bank,and they said it sounded like some kind of a scam and that I should contact you.



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