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Shaun –

Victim Location 27603

Total money lost $2,250

Type of a scam Employment

My son is a victim of an employment situation for distribution of packages that where Initiated from Roloxy. He signed a contract and was receiving packages sent thru UPS, Fed EX through there CRM database system; he took photos of what was in the packages then uploaded in the CRM database and gave new packing slip/label to be shipped out in a timely manner.They had a probation period of 30 days and said he would be 1099’d (have SS# & my DL #) until he completed the probation period and would issue a check for the 30 days worked. He waited for days and now weeks and no check. This has now turned out to be a scam I’m afraid. He took this job seriously as he is a college student and was trying to make money this summer for next semester expenses ($2250.00). Now he is out the time and the money with nothing to show for it. I’m afraid they also may try to use his personal information illegally. I did this for him because he is at a camp for kids that have family members with cancer and he is a counselor (volunteering). I really hope you will look in to this!



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