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Nicholas –

Victim Location 34470

Total money lost $4,997

Type of a scam Investment

Safefunding llc is a scam. I don’t believe this company exists. They called me. I was seeking for line of credit loan. And clearly stated that I don’t need credit cards to start my new business. I was transferred to a smooth fast talking underwriter name Terry Rhodes. I signed a contract that states that I will pay $4997 once I receive at least $20,000 line of credit. I was looking for $50,000.. The funding could include credit cards and other loans according to the contract. I clearly stated in writing that credit cards are not needed. I’m only looking for line of credit loan. I was told that this was a three day process. They supposedly work with 300 banks. Terry told me that I had a great chance of getting a line of credit. I received an email showing that I was approved for line of credit from three banks and I was asked to call and get an increase in the line. I called and found out they were all traditional credit cards. Terry ignore my concerns for hours. I couldn’t call Safefunding company phone number out of service. I emailed him several times and he responded on the second day when it was time for me to pay. I was threaten to pay $4997 by midnight on the second day. Terry set me up with 7 different credit card companies and I didn’t want credit cards. I called the banks and they never heard of Terry or Safe funding. Basically Terry took my credit report and private information such as SS#, DOB and etc. to sign up on various bank websites pretending to be me signing me up with credit card companies. In return Terry is calling me multiple times every night threaten to get the banks to change their mind on the approvals to ruin my credit for 7 years. I don’t believe this company exists. I believe Terry is a scam. Pretending to be customers and getting them approved for a bunch of credit cards from his personal home computer and turn around quickly charging customers almost $5,000 through pay pal. Please don’t sign a contract with this company. Their company phone number doesn’t work. Terry was very dishonest. He was very misleading and a liar. I saved my email and text conversations with Terry. Please stay away from this company and individual. According to the banks they really don’t work with them or for them. Those banks never heard of this company. I made the mistake of giving them my personal information and Terry used it to get me approved for 7 credit cards that I clearly said I didn’t need. My credit took a hit. Terry searched for 3 days signing me up for credit cards. Turned around charging me $4997 for something I could of done my self. I already had credit cards. This fake company or individual has no morals. I advised everyone to stay far away.



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