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Eddie –

Victim Location 76011

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent an email offering me a mystery shopper job. I need to extra money so I accepted. They sent me a check and an assignment with an assessment sheet to return. They wanted me to take the check to my bank and cash it, do the shopping and Fedex the mercandise, my assessment form and remaining cash (after deducted my salary of $300.00). I’m very glad I didn’t cash it, I deposited it into my account and waited until the end of the week to go shopping. Good thing, today is the day I was going to shop; when I checked my bank account this morning the check had bounced. Before today, they were emailing and texting me twice a day to see if I had started the assignment. Now that I am trying to reach them, they are not responding. Luckily, I did spend the $300.00 i was promised, it only cost me the NSF fee my bank charged. I can’t do anything about this but I hope you can stop him before he scams too many people. If I had already spent the $300.00 I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills this month.


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