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Edwin –

Victim Location 83647

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I have person , Robertson, texting me about doing a job for him this is the txtx sent to me

Hello,My name is Roberson ,do you do Drywall Installation, Remodeling. and do you accept credit card as a form of payment?

We do these types of work but cannot receive credit or debit cards. Cash or check

Can you setup a new merchant like first data I don’t mind paying surcharges

What kind of project do you have and where is it located

Okay, I just bought a House here Its a 3-bedroom Single home Bungalow and I want you to do the Drywall installment and Ceiling . Please do provide me with the total for the 2,118 sqft cost for the house and hope to hear from you Asap.

Is there a possibility of looking at job?

Okay here’s the address of the house… *** *** *** *** *** ** *** Can i have your name and needs too have the house key before you check the house before you go inside.


*** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** ** 

Sound good, The formal owner will be sending a key to you I will be paying you a $500 deposit immediately we come to conclusion and will be balancing you up immediately you get your estimates Done after checking the house Money is not the problem so i am willing to take care of all the Costing, but again… i need a good Job done…hope we can work things out.

Sounds good and ou quality is incomparable

Okay i will want you to handle everything on your own perfectly .I need a little favor from you about the initial owner please


while am going to give you my card to charge the sum of $4600 while you will deduct the sum of $500 as job service deposit and send the remaining $4000 to the former house owner bank account for their balance up for the house add extra $100,for the tips for the stress,i want you to know that they will send the key to you and then you can go there for the quote estimate service okay the house owner will send the house keys to your office

Sure can I get your name and address as well


Are you the owner of the company ? please i will like to know

Here is the Address: *** *** *** *** *** ** ***…Asap

Yes I am

what is the name of the machine you using to charge credit card??

Bookeeper is in process of securing a method to receive pmt. Probably be Monday so I’ll get back to ya as soon as I have that info for you.


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