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Emily –

Victim Location 33647

Type of a scam Romance

I was approached via Plenty of Fish dating website by a supposed associate of Ricardo Mancini and told that he was interested in meeting me and asked to contact him

I was given his e mail address and he later answered and requested my phone number.

Curtis –

Victim Location 30319

Type of a scam Romance

This scammer goes by Ricardo Mancini right now . He contacted me through a supposed Associate on POF . Said he has a large successful company in Topeka Kansas and was moving it to Brookhaven Ga . He was using pictures from a guy named Brian Choate & his daughter . Stating he is very wealthy . Adopted his daughter after doing charities at children’s home . Sends lengthy emails about details of life . Hopeless romantic He has a very strong accent . The pic is who he claims to be. The person is aware of this individual stealing his identity & phishing on dating sites . Im concerned there is a lot of vulnerable women out there that is gonna fall for this scam. And somehow get suckered out of money . It’s just disgusting !

Kathleen –

Victim Location 27617

Type of a scam Romance




LinkedIn: Ricardo Mancini


I have been scammed and now I believe I must be on some list now. I was approached by Ricardo Mancini thru POF (which I am now off) from an associate of his. He wanted to get to know me. I gave him my email address for correspondence and later telephone number. He has given me heartfelt words and I was reluctant to believe him because of the fake people on POF. Anyway after some email exchanges and text…we talked and he does have a strong African accent which by no means fit his picture or where he stated that he grew up. He I started to go along with his story just to see what "story" he comes up with. I decided to look his business up on the ScamPulse.com for Topeka, KS and found that another person has been scammed by the same business. THANK GOODNESS I LOOKED and thanks to the person that put it up here about her scam.

What is so sad that whoever the person that is actually on this picture has no idea that his identity is being used. The scammer even sent me pictures of the gentleman below with his daughter on a cruise that they were on. I hope this scammer gets caught soon.


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