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Cassandra – Dec 08, 2020

People, you should know nothing is free! I never thought that we would be willing to submit all of our identities to Big Brother! The great deciever was told to us in the bible. The guy who owns this company is a Muslim and has come this country to be a helping hand to satin. What appreciation! Wake up my fellow Americans and stop thinking this and apps give you things for free. Just read their terms, it’s all spelled out there for you to see what you are giving up and how they operate. What their real business plan. Why would you give s stranger all of your information with pictures and utility bills? Just because you are promise money? Do you have so little regard for yourself? Don’t you know you will not receive anything from them? Doesn’t common sense tells you this? Have you removed yourself from Jesus so much that you don’t believe what your common sense tells you? Don’t you know by providing your info you are setting yourself up for failure? You have been warned!

Mindy –

Victim Location 60617

Total money lost $2

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

First you do a survey then you download an app, and then you complete a transaction for a dollar or two to claim a gift card but you never get it


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