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Andre –

Victim Location 85365

Type of a scam Employment

He posted a job offer in our Facebook community page which is from our areas near and used to post jobs we see or announcements. Well he posted an amazing job offer with really good pay and training provided for data entry and assist and call rep. A bunch of people started to comment and i did as well we talk by message and ask for my email and i gave it to him. Yesterday we talked in Google Hangouts and he did a briefing interview supposedly. I’m supposed to get hired to that job, but i know that many many people will fall for this i know its scam since the beginning but i like talking to them. Get to know how they will get to people it has happened to me several times, but what makes me report this act. Its my community and I don’t want anything to happen to it. This guy thinks he smart by posting his job offers and many innocent people will provide all information and get scammed.

Samantha –

Victim Location 20659

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted for employment by Revine Pharmaceuticals for online work from home employment. 18 HR. So I went through an HR lady supposedly named Kelly Ross…(humanresourc[email protected] and was asked to connect via google hangouts.

After chatting I apparently fit the position and was hired on the spot but I was told to connect with the supervisor Nicholas McGregory at [email protected] and he supposedly was sending me tasks to train and said they would send the necessary funds to set me up a home office.

On the 3rd day of task not even relating to the position, I received the check today which I am instructed to immediately deposit via ATM in my checking account to get the info to pay me.

I never filled out any W-4 or official job application. I was questioning this a lot and noticed the return fed ex envelope had your company’s name and address and Kurt Schwigert’s name on it and the letter inserted just said thank You accounting and the check which is a Prudential check at the bottom has Computer share Inc.

Have copies of mailing envelope, letter, check that I was to quickly deposit through ATM, snap pics of google hangout conversations, and employment letter initially sent.

Pamela –

Victim Location 90262

Type of a scam Employment

Was offered a work from home position as a data entry/customer service rep. I was told I would receive a laptop and a check to purchase necessary programs from their selected vendor. I received one check which I deposited and my bank caught it and flagged it as fraudulent, the “company” then mailed 2 cashier checks to me and both of those were fraudulent as well.


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