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Jacob –

Victim Location 64108

Type of a scam Rental

Asking to rent property that he does not own. remember if it sounds to good to be true, it is a scam, this is his email. Thanks for your email and interest in renting my house..I Harris T** the owner of the house you are making inquiry of.I am sorry for my late response as i

have been extremely busy lately, It gives me great joy to know that you are interested in my lovely house, it is still very much available for rent and also ready for

**mediate occupancy.Actually I resided in the house with my wife and my only daughter and presently we have moved out due to my transfer from my work now in

Warsaw,Poland. Presently my house is still available for rent, (rent already include all utilities)More so Now,i am currently in the (West Africa) for an international

Christian follower’s crusade.Before we left,we tried to look for a dependable Realtor to handle the renting issue but we could not find one due to the l**ited amount

of t**e we had before leaving. The initial plan was to sell the house,which we tried hard to do,but the agent inflates the commission and it takes longer to sell that

is why we decided to rent it out. I am telling you this in case you find the house on another website or a realtor sign.That is the old advertisement/sign and because

of that reason and more we are looking for a responsible and God fearing person that can take very good care of the house.If you noticed, the price we are offering is

far below the standard price. This is enough for you to know that we are not after a market rate rental fee but responsible tenant to take care of the property.The

house has all new appliances like Heat, A/C in wall/window, Hydro, cable, Garbage Disposal, Fireplace , Fridge, stove, Dishwasher, Dryer, Breakfast Bar, Dining Table

and Sofa Set,Refrigerator,Canopied deck overlooking nature.,internet access e.t.c with ALL UTILITIES included because of this reason we need a responsible person that

can take very good care of the home.

This is the address of the House (*** * *** ***Kansas City, MO 64114)

The rent is:600

Security Deposit:500

For this 3Bedroom Home.

Pets Allowed:Dogs and Cats.

Available :Available Now for move in.

NB: You can drive by and check the neighborhood and get back to me for further discussion, any Realtor sign post will be removed once i get any responsible tenant so

you ignore the sign post cause i have stop dealing and contacting the Realtor for too much fees i pay,It is available for a short & long term lease as we will be here



FIRST NAME:__________?

MIDDLE NAME:__________?

LAST NAME:__________?





(HOME)PHONE__________? and etc … Looking forward to hearing from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file in case of issuing the receipt for you and contacting you…Await your urgent

reply so that we can discuss on how to get the document and the keys to you,please we are giving you all this based on trust and will want you to reciprocate that

trust in us as well.We are putting all this in the hands of God since we haven’t met officially and we hope you wont let us down on taking care of the property and

God bless you more as you do this…The house is available for rent at the moment so you are free to move in as soon as you wish to. Feel free to get back to me for more

information and arrangements on how to get the keys and other necessary documents delivered to you. The house will be available for rent for a period of 5 years so you

have a choice of deciding how long you intend staying there but we might still consider a rent to own option depending on what the future holds.

YOU CAN CALL ME ON THESE NUMBERS:+234*** or 0112348085077514,and if you are unable to dial out of the country,you can text me on +234*** or ***  Rev .Harris T**


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