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Pamela –

Victim Location 28090

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Someone called my phone at work saying that process server would be coming to file papers for me to go to court on a payday loan back from September 2012. I have not taken out any payday loans in 2012. I had some years before, but all have been rectified. The very company he said was collecting this is the one of the ones I have already paid. He said I was being recorded, and that if they could take me to court, the judge would take my drivers license, and any other license I have. He also asked me to settle but wanted my bank account number and routing number to settle. Did not offer me anything in writing. He also stated that he ran a background check on me. Is that legal? I did not give anyone authorization to run a background check on me, I am not a criminal. Their phone number is 877-695-2159, and they do not give the name of their business when they answer the phone. I called back and ask the name of the company and they said "Restitution Services". I am worried about these people calling me at work and serving me papers for a payday loan I no nothing about in 2012. To get a payday loan, you have to have a job, and I was not even employed in September of 2012.


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