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Tony –

Victim Location 71461

Type of a scam Employment

It all started when I received an email from David A Kirby ([email protected]) that my application has been forwarded to that a certain Elizabeth Howard ([email protected]) which is their hiring manager. He said that I will be interviewed thru google hangout, but they changed their minds and interviewed me via email instead. She sent me a bunch of questions and after answering it, she told me that I’m fit for the job. Lori Besler ([email protected]) gave me the job letter or supposed to be the contract to sign. After sending it back together with my identification cards, Miss Howard told me that they will send me a check via FedEx and that I will need to deposit it in the bank. And I will need to send them the deposit slip. She said the check will be used to purchase the things I need to work. I received the check and went to the bank to deposit it. Before depositing the check, the bank teller called the company which is indicated in the check and verified it. The one he talked to informed me that they couldn’t find my file for the insurance claim. She then asked me for my social security number and other identification cards. That is when it hit me that I am probably about to be scammed. It’s supposed to be for work not for insurance claim. So, I told the woman on the phone I don’t have the information with me and that I will call her after I have it. I also informed the bank teller not to deposit the check anymore. Even if he told me that I can still deposit it and will be hold for 5 days before I can use it, I still didn’t push through the deposit. No, money was taken away from me, but they have a copy of my ID cards and I’m scared that they will use it to scam other people.


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