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Ashley –

Victim Location 78227

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I received in my email an offer for a job as secret shopper. I replied with the my email address and phone number. A few weeks later around Oct 11 2017 a package arrived in the mail with a money order and instructions on what to do as my first assignment. The money order was supposedly from a Post Office in NC. But the package was mailed from Roanoke Va with the the shipping address stating the package got mailed on sept 11 2017. And if you dont cash the money order the person will continue to contact you to get you to put it in your bank

Brittney –

Victim Location 85351

Type of a scam Employment

In the mail yesturday I received a USPS money order for $974.00 from Research Masters Inc. The scam is for me to keep $150.00 as commission and $45.00 for expences. I am to purchase 8 $100 itunes gift cards and send back to them photos of the front and back of the cards after scratching off the back code. and mail the a questionnaire. (That’s email them) said this is a scam, and the internet is full of info on this scam. as of this date only one State has taken action to stop these scamers

Carly –

Victim Location 07501

Type of a scam Employment

I received a money order in the mail for $995. With it came a letter stating that the money was for an opportunity to become a secret shopper and for me to keep$150 of the money as my commission. That all I had to do was to buy certain iTunes items and give my opinion as a costumer. The letter also stayed for me to put the money order in my bank acct so that the money will be able to be used within 24 hours. So I Went and deposited the Money in my acct and within 2 hours my bank called me to let me know that the money order was fake. Thank goodness for my bank cause if I would of tried to can the Money order any place else I would of been arrested for fraud.

Kristy –

Victim Location 45169

Type of a scam Employment

Mystery shopping and then sent me a money order for 995 dollars to buy Itunes cards. I have not deposted it because gut feeling says no.


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