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Jacquelyn – Oct 12, 2020

I went through this too. They sent me the link for Repros and sent me a check for “materials for the job”. I was still suspicious because of the amount of the check so I started googling and found this. Lol Smh. I knew it was a scam.

Jillian – Aug 13, 2020

Victim Location 74107

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted thought career builder for a work from home data analyst / customer service position for Repros inc company. I was told to contact cynthia martinez, [email protected] via Google Hangouts. After answering a few questions I was supposedly hired for a new job and then asked for my personal information name address bank account etc. I called repros inc had office and they informed me that they are not doing online hiring

Nicholas – Oct 09, 2020

Thanks for the info. I too went thru that process. I kept asking what does the company do, and what is their website, and I NEVER got an answer.


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