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Raquel –

Victim Location 37205

Type of a scam Phishing

Got an email this morning using the name of a friend. The message said she urgently need my help and to please respond immediately. unfortunately, i responded asking what she needed. The return message said she urgently needed a gift card for her niece’s birthday. To purchase one for $400 or whatever i could afford. Scratch off code on the back and send to the email address listed. I replied that I would not do this unless she called me. Final reply using very poor grammar and spelling said that she could not call me until tomorrow, that she was having surgery. She could ask me to loan her money for the surgery or I could buy the gift card. She would pay me back on May 28. I called my friend and did not get her on the phone. Then i called her sister who said I was the eighth person to call about her sister getting scammed.

when I clicked on the email, it was a hotmail account and not even the email address of my friend.


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