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Ruben –

Victim Location 27591

Type of a scam Employment

I was invited via email to do an online interview via hangouts. She (***) asked me a series of questions about myself and also told me about the job. The job was through Realty One. After the initial interview she said that I was hired and that they would be sending me a check to get my at work home supplies, but until then i was to report to her every morning at 8am. I did so and when the time came she gave me the tracking number through *** for my work check. She advised me to cash it through ATM deposit machine and to take a picture of the receipt once done so. Well the bank on the check was through ***, so I just went inside to cash it. As soon as she saw the check she called the company posted on the check, which was *** ***, not realty one, and once she hung up she told me that it was a fraudulent check. The routing number on the check was for *** ** ***. So she flagged the account. When I told "***" about what happened she deleted her hangouts account and I haven’t spoke with her since. PLEASE BE AWARE OF AT WORK FROM HOME COMPANIES! I could’ve got the cops called on me trying to cash a fake check!


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