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Ryan – Mar 16, 2020

Victim Location 45224

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On both mine and my spouses cell phone we get anywhere from 2-7 calls per phone line per day from this company. Each time they claim they “owe us a rebate on our electric and gas bill.” Once we wait to talk a person (also the phone number they call from changes constantly so our attempts to block it out in vain) and ask them to remove us from their call list they immediately hang up.

Today I decided to go ahead and see what their scheme was and see what if anything I could do to get them to stop calling. I was told the only way I could get them to stop calling was to give then my account number with my electric and gas company. I said my electric and gas company would have that number and not ask for it to give me a rebate. I asked what was the name of this company and was told Realgy and that they were operating on behalf of duke energy costumers as a supplier of cheaper rates to duke energy customers. After refusing to give them my energy account number because it sounded like a scam and I really just wanted to know what would it take to get them to stop calling me the operator with an Indian accent responded “to give me your account number and enroll with regency today I am a man of my word and then you will never hear from us again.” I asked where was this company registered because every single call I get is from someone from India and the man said “oh no we are in Ohio and Maryland only.” I asked where he was from. He responded “Maryland.” I said are you in Maryland now and he said “oh yes.” And I said well that is funny because every person that calls from your company sounds like they are from India. He said no they were in Maryland. I asked where he was born and he said Maryland. I said “really because you sound like you have a distant Indian accent and Not at all like a Maryland accent. After so many assurances prior that this was a Maryland and Ohio Company only, the operator hung up when I asked again how did he get an Indian accent in Maryland.

The website shows the company isn’t even in Maryland.

These calls are harassing every person I know in Ohio and we can’t even have our ringers on because this company calls constantly and Even when someone does promise to put us on the do not call list they keep calling. It is harassing, clearly a scam if they won’t stop even when asked and then even flat out lie that they are in Maryland when they are clearly calling from an overseas call center.

Please make the calls stop. This has been going on for a year!



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