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Jeffrey –

Victim Location 93654

Total money lost $12,000

Type of a scam Investment

Scammer called and the first thing he said was "congratulations you have won a grant."

The scammer had all her financial information, credit score, date of birth, mothers maiden name, the fact she shopped at Sears, and her credit card numbers. They told her his mother used this grant and spoke about church. After speaking for a while she agreed and they took the money from her credit card number they already had. In return she was due to receive $19,000 every three months for a year. she never received any money and the payments ended up going toward a "work from home" program. The billing invoices said she paid $1500 for three website addresses, and another $10k for advertising packages which she was never aware of. she called them and no one would answer so she mailed a letter to them at the address they gave her and it was returned to her about a week letter saying "un-deliverable."


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