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Ronnie –

Victim Location 35215

Type of a scam Employment

I received a email from Raytheon Company stating that I had been selected for a interview for a position that I applied for a couple of months ago (which I had not) & because of my diligence I would be compensated with a hourly rate of 18.00-24.00 if hired. The letter advised that I would be interviewing with Joe Redshaw the recruiter for Raytheon Company via Google Hangouts & provided a ref # to give upon contact. After going over what seemed to be interview questions I was advised that I had the job to be worked at home & that I would be receiving a envelope that would contain a check for the purchase of the equipment that I would need to perform the task of the job. Never was I asked any of my personal information to validate anything about myself which seemed strange to me because fortunately I am familiar with Raytheon Company & I knew the real Raytheon deals with the government & such so of course they would want security type of information & they wouldn’t be contacting prospects via Google hangouts. The person whom was in contact with me pretending to be Joe Redshaw did send me an envelope but there when I received the envelope there was no check inside of it. Upon advising the individual that there was no check only a letter he then had me to take pics of what I received. On the next day I received communication from the individual advising that they wanted to email a copy of the check & I was to print it out & process the check into my account by using mobile banking. After advising that there would more than likely be a hold placed on the mobile deposit for a few days until the check cleared, he then attempted to have me to spend my own money & they would reimburse me by check. Once this person advised that I would need to send the money to their supposed vendor to get the equipment I need via moneygram, I knew without a doubt that this was a job scam utilizing an actual company & Mr. Joseph Redshaw whom is the actual recruiter for Raytheon Company. I have reached out to the real Mr. Redshaw to advise him that this is happening but I also wanted to report this because something needs to be done, the next person may not be as keen to see the scam & actually fall for it.


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