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Brandi –

Victim Location 36527

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The message said: they had just rec’d notification regarding tax filings from HQ set to expire in the next 24 working hrs. Once expired, We will be taken under custody by the local copsfor 4 serious allegations pressed under our name at this moment. They request that we get back to the above number before taking legal action against us. When I used my cell to call the number the correlated my home and cell without me telling them and tried to confirm my address. I told them the IRS does not call over the phone and to take me off their calling list and to send all correspondence through the mail. I actually called back to get more info on them (it sounded like the same person) and he said it was the Ray Martin Agency, his name was Martin?, address was 10th St & 2094 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC, 20004. He said the purpose for the call was a lawsuit for evasion of taxes and that I had defrauded the IRS. He told me the cops were coming to get me in 5-10 minutes. I laughed and he was condescending and taunted me by saying you think this is funny, love. Check your email, check your computer right now and see. I never would do that, told him I had what I needed to report him to the ScamPulse.com and hung up.


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