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Cara –

Victim Location 76135

Total money lost $30,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Do NOT, do NOT, do NOT hire this man. He is a Jake leg and all of his assets (brand new truck, nice appliances, tons of jewelry, etc.) are liquidated to his girlfriend’s name so that he will lose absolutely nothing if has a court case.

My parents resided on a cliff over a lake. They had been talking about wanting to build a retaining wall and a concrete path that led from the backyard cliff to the shore. This guy was knocking on doors one day and my parents, being older and gullible, decided to hire him because he seemed like a really nice guy.

This guy had tons of requests from my parents. If he said that he needed tires on his car or to take his girlfriend to a concert that she really wanted to attend, they would give him money without question.

At the beginning of the process, he required 50% of the money required to complete the job. You should never ever ever do this but, like I said, my parents were older and trusted anyone who seemed like a good person.

They gave him $30,000.

He showed up for two weeks. His dump truck would crash into the house and knock the siding off. His “men” dumped a bunch of concrete smudge into the edge of the backyard. It became apparent that they had no idea what they were doing.

Instead of making things right by admitting that they had no idea what they were doing and returning the money, they completely “ghosted” by not showing up one day and then eventually not showing up ever. They wouldn’t answer my parents phone calls and if called by my number or someone that my parents knew, they would hang up once they knew what it was about.

My parents talked to a lawyer after this occurred and after taking a look at the asset situation, were told that it might lead to nothing but wasted money from court fines. This guy does this for a living. He is a scammer.

Two months after he stopped showing up, my dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He lived for four months and we had other things on our minds. The concrete chunks that were unprofessionally tossed on the edge of the cliff eroded several feet of our yard and took our backyard tree along with it. My mom was forced to vacate the home. She gave up on receiving justice of any kind and never filed any documents or reviews: that is why I am leaving this today.

If you care about your money and you care about your home and your family, you will not invite this monster into your home to do anything. He is a scam artist and a terrible person. He is a poison to the Fort Worth community and doesn’t have an ounce of integrity in his soul. Hire a professional to do any work that you have, it is worth the extra money to hire someone who has something to lose and not some [censored] who knocks on people’s doors looking to scam innocent, maybe even elderly, people.


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