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Martha –

Victim Location 95691

Total money lost $1,620

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

A Real Estate company called saying they have a buyer that wants to buy 170 timeshare units in Mexico to start a new type of vacation packaging offer. They sent me lots of documentation. An Escrow company called me. More documentation. My timeshare company called me. The Mexican Secretary of Tourism and Mexican Tax Agency called, all following up with documentation. After tons of phone conversations and email, I was told that I would need to wire 10% of the sale to the Mexican Secretary of Tourism upfront. My money would be reimbursed by the buyer. The money had to come directly from me. I wired the money then they said they realized I also need to wire capital gains taxes to the Mexican Tax Agency upfront. That’s when I realized I was scammed and did more research.


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