Psychic Reader and Advisor By Carol

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Jenna –

Victim Location 23511

Total money lost $11,500

Type of a scam Other

On September 3rd of 2018 a friend of mine pulled into "Carol’s" shop hoping to get a psychic reading. There were two little girls rolling around on the floor, playing with dolls, the perfect image to disarm costumers. I started off with a $10 hand reading, I asked her if I was going to receive my next qualification at work. She told me no, because some one from my past was blocking me from success. I broke down crying telling her about my victimization in my past. She informed me that I had been cursed, and that she was the only one that could help me. Hook line and sinker. She told me to do exactly as she told me to do, some snake oil treatments involving candles, crystals, bath salts, and holy water. Kept telling me god was on my side. She got me real good. The payments gradually got more and more expensive over the past month. Until I could no longer lie to myself, this woman is a con expert, and I doubt "Carol" is her real name. She is an older woman, approximately 5’4 in statue, plump, with long grey hair approximately 50-60 years of age. She only has one review on google, from around August-September of 2018, I’m making this report October 10/4/2018, her shop hasn’t been around long. This woman is a criminal, and is very good at manipulating people’s emotions and conning them out of their money.



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