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Nicole –

Victim Location 60422

Total money lost $599.99

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This scam happened over the Internet. I clicked on the pop window because it said I had malware, viruses, etc. on my computer. This action happened on 12-30-17. The representative said he could fix the problems. I gave him remote access of my computer. The representative was a pushy salesman and repeatedly told me I needed this. The price kept increasing. I told him I no longer wanted his program. He said he was too far into the process to quit. I know I told him that I am doing this under protest. I told him I did not want to remain on the phone any longer and that I was sick. He still continued to push his product and then another. At one point he told me that my Visa credit card did not work, so like a fooI gave him my Mastercard card information. I have since call my credit card companies and reported this company, cancelled the cards and ordered new ones. *I not sure if I have lost any money yet. I feel like a fool and feel that I was scammed. I did receive 2 emails from the company. I also called Apple support and they helped me check out the computer. The helped me reinstall my Malware application.



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