Police officers support alliance

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Brooke –

Victim Location 95747

Type of a scam Charity

Hooked into listening by fast talking "police officer". He wanted my credit card # which I refused to give. I asked him to send invoice. He had his supervisor get on phone to confirm mailing info and both men made me promise to honor pledge. I received solicitation today and felt uncomfortable about it. Saw there was one other scam reported and decided to report my contact.

Janelle –

Victim Location 29575

Type of a scam Charity

The call was for my husband who was not home. As such, caller began to tell me how my husband has contributed in the past to support police officers in our areas. Asked whether we could continue our annual pledge of $50 dollars. I said sure. However, letter that followed, stated that contribution was not tax deductible, did not have a local address. I have no intention of giving any money to this organization.



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