Personnel Concepts Limited

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Antonio –

Victim Location 98144

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was sent an official looking document in the mail that stated that I needed to purchase these laminated labor posters. Since I started a new company, I was clueless about what the procedures were. Even if I wasn’t going to hire any employees. So, l believed it and sent my debit information over to the company. The following week I receive a phone call stating that I need more posters if I planned on hiring employees. I stated that I wasn’t hiring anyone and that I didn’t need the posters. She persisted and sent me an invoice. So, I called to cancel the order that I DID NOT place. The customer service rep (Jennifer Flores-ext. 6013) explained that she couldn’t cancel the order because it was already shipped. Also, that I can return the products and not be charged. I didn’t really believe her. I’m worried about being charged this money, or them sending this information to collections. This is truly a bully tactic scam. I called again and stated that I was going file a complaint. She then put me on hold so she could talk to her supervisor. She stated that I only needed to return the products, and everything was canceled on their end. She gave me a confirmation number (61449960), but I do not believe it was legitimate. The total was 203.52. I haven’t been charged anything, because I cancelled my debit card. But, I worried that they send me to collections.



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