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Jaime –

Victim Location 58103

Type of a scam Employment

Was sent an email about retail shoppers. by a David Bodin. Was told to acknowledge receipt of the email and to confirm my mailing address which I did. I then received a packet in the mail USPS priority mail in just a day from a Robert Collins, 1 Tracey Court, Troy, NY 12180. The packet contained a check from Hughes Federal Credit Union, PO Box 11900, Tucson, AZ 85734-1900 in the amount of $2,500. There was instructions stating that the check could be deposited however a payment restriction was on the check to prevent unauthorized access to funds. It stated that I would have to text (323)840-1332 as soon as the deposit was made to lift the restriction.

I was then to survey a local post office saying there was a lot of criticism with attendants, managers and mail men of the USPS. My duty as an evaluator was to identify local attendants who deserve pay bonuses as well as those needing additional training.

I was to text from the post office parking lot, co in and buy 2 postal money orders fro a total of $2,000 and 10 books of stamps.

it also said that to encourage the completion of the survey quickly and professionally, I would get an additional $200 if done within the first 48 hours of survey packet delivery. The packet also contained a Survey Assessment Form which once done at the post office I was to text and he would walk me through the process of filling out the survey and how to mail out the merchandise, receipts, and survey paperwork to the reports processing center.

I did deposit the check but once I received the packet explaining that I had to purchase two money orders for $2000 and books of stamps to complete the "survey" I knew that something was not right. I then called my bank to report the scam and fortunately did not use any of the money they sent. I am sure that once I completed the "survey" I would have found out the check was no good and would have been out the $2,500

Susan –

Victim Location 10940

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got an email from someone named Ryan about earning extra money secret shopping. I later got a text and email from David Boudin giving me instructions for my “survey packet.” A few days later I received 2 priority mail envelopes with two checks for $2500 through Hughes Federal Credit Union. The instructions said I had to deposit the checks into my checking count and immediately text “David” after. I realized that was weird, so I looked at the envelope and sure enough the name was “James Macmillan” from Queens Villiage. The area code from “David” was a Baltimore number. I was supposed to get $2200 in Apple store gift cards, keep $300 for myself, and they said they would give an extra $200 if I deposited the checks within 48 hours. I tried looking up Pebble Surveys for about 20 minutes and decided to rip up the checks and throw everything away, as well as block all numbers and emails that contacted me since I couldn’t find anything and nothing was adding up.



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