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Adriana –

Victim Location 75002

Total money lost $23.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is multiple issues ā€“ advertising, billing/collection, sales, and general business practices. This company now goes by Pearl Cosmetics ( instead of Peal Makeup (; which is still up and running, identical to Pearl Cosmetics). Pearl Cosmetics doesn’t have a page yet, so I am going to file a claim through Pearl Makeup and if I can also report Pearl Cosmetics separately. They have an advertisement for a free eyebrow pen. The eyebrow pen has an $1.95 shipping charge. No problem. BUT after you put in your payment info, and are seemingly done with your purchase, this company pops up a "you won a free bundle!" They make it seem like you are a ‘lucky winner’ and have won a freebie. They ask ‘do you want to claim your win?’ I clicked Yes. Thinking it was legitimately free. Got directed to a SECOND pop up. Saying I won yet another special freebie. I click okay, but I’m getting suspicious, not to mention annoyed. Got directed to A THIRD pop up saying I could get a lipstick bundle for $10-$15 shipping. I click No (which is in VERY TINY print, by the way). So now I’m super suspicious and I want to cancel my other two "free" things I "won", thinking I would be directed to a purchase review page. Well I wasn’t. I get directed to a page telling me I just paid $29.35. WTH? Then this company has the audacity to put a "disclaimer" saying basically ‘We know we tricked you, but too bad, you fell for it. So now we win your money and there’snothing you can do about it. Ha ha sucker.’ They state that I have no right to cancel or dispute any purchases I made with them, because they clearly stated the charges and I agreed to those charges. NOT TRUE. I emailed asking to cancel. Got a reply, granted it was prompt, but it was an explanation of why they feel they can take advantage of people and it’s legitimate. Ignored my request to cancel. I’ve emailed again and again repeating my request to cancel. They ignore my request and say how sorry they are and that they "empathize" (?!) with my frustration but there’s nothing they can do, they’re merely following their own terms and conditions. To add insult to injury each time they email me back with yet another different offer for even more "free" stuff!



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