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Allen –

Victim Location 53590

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was feeling a bit sketchy about, but I needed shoes and the prices were good, with enough reviews to feel like taking the risk. When I started the payment process, they offered me a deal on the same sandals I was already purchasing, which I accepted hoping it would apply to what was already in my cart. Instead, they added another pair of sandals and immediately finished the transaction. That solidified my discomfort with the website, which then turned into full blown concern when I saw my confirmation email which contained a bunch of Asian characters. I immediately emailed the [email protected] email to cancel the added sandals, because their website made it clear that any order corrections or cancelations needed to be done immediately, as they supposedly move fast.

When I didn’t receive a response from my first email by that evening, I went through my PayPal account and found another email to use to try and contact them. It was [email protected], which was not a great thing to see. Why a different email provider? I sent that email address and email and told them to completely cancel the order.

When I hadn’t received a response from that email by mid-morning the next day, I started to go through the PayPal process of refuting the order. In the first steps of the process, Patracia/help.pp asked that any customer care concerns be directed to yet another email (and email provider) account: [email protected] I did so, telling them to cancel the order.

When I hadn’t received an email from that email, nor any of the others, by the next morning, I continued the PayPal process. PayPal informed me that they would reach out to the vendor and would give them 10 days to give them the information that PayPal needed to try and mediate the dispute. Several days later, I finally received an email from the [email protected] email, but it didn’t sound like they knew anything about my canceling attempts or that PayPal had requested. Over the last five days, I have been getting daily emails from Patracia, asking me to not cancel my order and give their product a chance. Every day, they received a bare-bones, “cancel my order, I don’t trust you email.” This morning was the same, except that I had also received an email from PayPal (before the ten day time frame was up) telling me that they had decided in my favour and were refunding me my money. is absolutely NOT a trustworthy website. It was just created on June 28 2019 when I looked it up and it is a private registration



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