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Jodi –

Type of a scam Employment

Applied for an admin job on the job site postjobfree.com

Contacted by this person for HR assistant position

Was very pushy, sent multiple emails if I took long to reply

Very poor grammar

Very avoidant on location of job just that it was in Toronto, told me there were benefits but she wouldn’t tell me until I signed a contract

Sent multiples of the same email

Here is the email I received: I would like to tell you about our company.

My name is Helen Haislip. I am a HR manager.

Our company mainly works online. At present, we are expanding our staff and making it better. In the 21st century, the whole industry is going online (the Internet). "The Internet is our future" – citing the words of our supervisor Kevin M. Batz.

Our main goal is to help enterprises meet their needs for human resources, as well as to meet the needs of job-seekers.

As you have already read in job description all employees undergo a probation period of 10 days (This period is paid).

This is to teach you some special skills (such as working online, the site studies, ability to work with clients. Study and search resumes and many more).

*Carefully read the Agreement for Probation Period, then fill it.

("Agreement for Probation Period" envisaged only for probation period (10 days), after completion the probation period,you will be provided a general contract with our company, which you will fill out at the branch of our company).

You need to download the "Agreement for Probation Period " from our official website at the link: DOWNLOAD

Before you start the probation period, you need to:

1. Fill in the first page of the contract and send it to me.

2. Sign the last page of the contract and send it so that I can see your face and signature. (I attached an image to the letter, it will help you to take a photo with the last page of the contract correctly)

3. Please send the link of your LinkedIn page. (If there is a profile on LinkedIn)

After the probation period, we’ll require you to bring the documents to the office or fax them.

Your first stage in the company will be an internship…

You will have a personal meeting with us after the internship. During the internship you need to stay online all the time.

Best regards,

Oldridge Employment Ltd,

Helen Haislip.


Company name: Oldridge Employment Ltd.

Website: http://eoldridge.com/

Telephone: +1 (604)629-8867



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