NPG Representing People Magazine Spoof

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Patrick –

Victim Location 45237

Total money lost $79.97

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a letter from NPG Representing People Magazine on 8-12-17 from 101 N Verdugo Rd #928 Glendale, CA 91226. The letter said it was a notice People $159.95. I knew that I already sent People Magazine a payment of $79 that’s why I didn’t question it, and I thought why do they have full payment amount without balance on it. It says please checks payable to NPG 101 N Verdugo Rd $928 Glendale, CA 91226. I get a lot of phone calls that don’t identify themselves, they call and don’t leave a message, it’s possible that one of the calls has been them. There is account number 0 425 210. It says amount $79.97 and the date due 8/23/2017. Above it, it says to ensure proper credit, please return this portion with your payment. I didn’t send the portion, I kept this portion and sent the other portion. I called People Magazine after I sent the check they said that NPG does not represent them and to call the BBB.



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