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Dylan – Jan 08, 2021

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Not applicable

VIKIMORE una tienda en línea donde compre unas botas de cuero legítimo segun el anuncio y me enviaron unas botas de material sintético de muy mala calidad, reclame la devolución de mi dinero y me bloqueo, pretendo la devolución de mi dinero ya que sufrí de una estafa y en gano de parte de esa empresa y como dije me bloquearon de mesenger, que hago?

Donna – Jan 08, 2021

VIKIMORE, compre un par de botas de cuero legítimo segun el anuncio y me entregan unas botas de tela y material sintético de muy mala calidad, solicite la devolución del dinero y se negaron, no solo eso me bloquearon de mesenger para no responder más eso es fraude y engaño

Patrick – Jan 05, 2021

Order Christmas pJ on Nov 14th. Granted delivery and its now January 5th. Still no package. Impossible to get a hold customer service.

Katie – Dec 28, 2020

Do not order any thing from as it’s shows same address , it says the office is in France but number given is from China

Brandy – Dec 22, 2020

I ordered a Waldorf doll with several sets of clothing in September for £40.94. after many emails I finally received a tatty cheap rag doll, no extra clothing. My emails asking for a refund are being ignored

Cole – Dec 17, 2020

I ordered a doll and have never received it. They kept saying they were sending it. I have asked for a refund and not gotten that either.

Caitlin – Dec 17, 2020

This is a huge scammer called VANKIN. there are a group of four with a backer in Hong Kong They hide behind a UK office (empty) but are in China.

Gregory – Dec 13, 2020

So disappointed with this company ordered what I thought was a flip pan the advertisement very very misleading doesn’t show anything about the glove but I ordered glove by mistake cancelled within 2 hours of ordering only to be told already shipped but then received an email a few days later telling me my order now shipped even though I had cancelled the order so I want an address to return product and I want a refund

Katrina – Dec 13, 2020

Thought I ordered a flip pan I realised the mistake about an hour into ordering and ordered a glove which I didn’t want and cancelled my order and looked for a refund only to be told product already shipped even though according to them the order takes two days to process so my advise stay away or make sure you know exactly what you are ordering still waiting on a reply as to address of where to return my item that I cancelled
Not a good company to deal with

Kaitlin – Dec 13, 2020

order the flip pan 10/8/2020 have not receive it order#20111312530710 please send my order

Alex – Dec 06, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I bought the balabella knife sharpener from them and I haven’t received it I want my money back or give me what I paid for it’s been over a month now and I have been trying to be patient and I’m mad give me my sharpener or give me my money back you’re scaming me out of my money

Eddie – Dec 01, 2020

hi, guys I just tried to ordered a 3d printer from the company name Sovol 3d printers on this website after trying to purchase it my card was blocked and therefore I tried to it again with different cards and all of them got blocked, 10 later I got a notification saying my card got blocked. after opening the email I realised that it was an apparent scam attempt after doing loads of research I went to the website and I looked at the bottom of the page where it said the company name which was NOVA SILK ROAD SARL and the address of the company which was in France which was this one (37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France), I found it a bit weird that the company was registered in France as it is a Chinese company and on the Instagram page it says that there facility is in jinchengyuan industrial Area, shenzhen,Guangdong, 518000 and I could find it on google maps that’s odd. so I want someone if possible to confirm if its a scam website because they have great customer service and also a youtube channel which I find confusing

Summer – Nov 28, 2020

You can also add that this company trades under.
They also trade under KingFish on Amazon.

The address they have listed is for an Auction House.

I purchased an SSD off Amazon and when I got it, it looked nothing like what was advertised, so I started digging and it lead me to this.

Carly – Nov 27, 2020

You can add to the list of websites that this company trades.

Susan – Nov 16, 2020

On 10-14-2020, I ordered two 42 inch high christmas lantern that plays music and has fake flurry snow blowing. I order the stands they go on and, they were advertised as items that could be displayed on your front porch. The items were being sold by Bonnyprotea under the company name NOVA SILK ROAD SARL, 37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France but came from china. We paid a total of $79.78 plus $14.98 for express shipping to receive in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, when we received the items, the lanterns were less than 5 inches high and the stands were also less than 5 inches high. We were totally ripped off, I couldn’t believe it. Like all scammers, their website looks legit, mentions an email you can write them at and explains a return/refund policy, however, there’s no way to reach them. Messages on website are not responded to and, the emails come back as “Failure Notice” and “Mailer Daemon”. I am attaching picture of 1) what we received and 2) what we were ordered. Going to call my bank tomorrow to see if they can somehow help with this situation. So disappointed, hope no one else falls for this crap.

Eugene – Nov 14, 2020

They have one more site for their gangster business. Name Homecrat. Advertised through facebook.

Carly – Nov 05, 2020

Ordered chair from Mecor. Site said 3-4 days to ship. after ordering, my email showed 3-4 weeks. contacted to cancel and no response. Contacting the FTC, BBB, Attorneys General and doing a charge back with my bank. Do not trust this company!

Tyler – Nov 03, 2020

Very poor Service and Items not delivered and still no refund or explaination from your customer services? Why?

As we seem to be having some issues with non delivered items and refunds from your Company

Perhaps you can assist as all the same company?,,,,,,

and NOVA SILK ROAD SARL… I am still finding more companies too! So confusing or Scam?

Cara – Oct 26, 2020

I saw a coat advertised by this company on Instagram and made the mistake of ordering it before doing more research. my order arrived a few weeks later and the quality of the coat is awful compared to the one I saw advertised. The material looks and feels cheaper and the colours are more garish – in short, I’d never wear it outside. The other basics I ordered are fine but based solely on the misleading advertisement I give this company 1 star and recommend avoiding them – you just can’t be sure that what you receive will look the same as what you ordered.

Raul – Oct 22, 2020

I ordered a phone case by accident from this website because it was a perfect replica of the website I thought I was buying from. I was trying to buy a wildflower phone case, but instead bought from wfcase. Now, they’ve taken money out of my account and sent me an email asking for me to pay for my order, which I already had. I haven’t heard back from them by email. I’m pissed. Can I sue someone for this? I’m so mad lol. Please do not buy from

Grant – Oct 31, 2020

Did you ever receive anything? I did the same thing. I’m so upset I though I was on wildflower and ordered 3 cases.




  1. Same song, second verse. Made a purchase online with this company, no order confirmation, communication, or product received.

  2. ordered the car lift advertised about two weeks ago. have not received any shipping info and got no help from pay pal concerning this as that was how it was charged to my card. they gave me an e-mail address which i sent an e-mail to but have had no respose to date. i will be disputing this charge with my credit card company.

    1. I think you should band together and complain to the Chinese authorities about them. Their Chinese registered company name is: Hangzhou Eskimo Household Products Co., LTD.(杭州爱斯基摩人家居用品有限公司) They won’t get official support, but more people will get social attention. The complaint telephone number in China is +86-12315 or +86 110
      Those who saw this hope that you will like and retweet my comments so as not to receive more of their deception

  3. Judy Ann Gainey says:

    Order 2 X ALL-terrain 4X4 off road vehicles 07/09/2021 have not received or no communication on status.

  4. I think you should band together and complain to the Chinese authorities about them. Their Chinese registered company name is: Hangzhou Eskimo Household Products Co., LTD.(杭州爱斯基摩人家居用品有限公司) They won’t get official support, but more people will get social attention. The complaint telephone number in China is +86-12315 or +86 110
    Those who saw this hope that you will like and retweet my comments so as not to receive more of their deception

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