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Steven –

Victim Location 01020

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

Criminal hackers claiming to be Microsoft Technicians from ‘My Expert Advice’ is a scam. A pop-window on my computer prompted me to contact these people because of ‘malicious software detected on my computer’, so I contacted them, payed them to take over my computer and install a warranty program that will protect my computer, but little did I know. After a few weeks my computer started acting up and slowing down. A few days ago, I received and email from ‘My Expert Advice’ stating their number has changed. Then I decided to google the company because that email was very unusual. Come to find out this company has been reported before for being a scam.

Julia –

Victim Location 63122

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted through a large red alert and an additional voice alert message on my email. Computer at Security Risk! Do not try to log off, etc.

I could not remove it from my screen. I called the 866-245-3208 and described the alert I saw in red, was directed to get a firewall installed and he could do that with Symnatec Endpoint and Support for 1 year for $149.98. After vascillating I purchased, it was installed and the errors seemed corrected, their phone number was placed at the bottom of my screen to call 24/7, whenever I needed assistance. It was only later when I went online to find out more about My Expert Advice that I read it was a scam. I called my credit card company, changed passwords, and am submitting this to maybe help others.

Felicia –

Victim Location 08361

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 3/15/18 while online there appeared a pop-up that warned me that my computer had been infected by a virus and I was to call an 800 number immediately to have this virus removed. While I was skeptical I did call the number. I spoke with a male (Garry) who told me that my computer was infected and my passwords were at risk. That my current antivirus/security app (Webroot) was not capable of handling this virus. I would need a cleaning and installation of an updated antivirus app (Symantec Endpoint Protection). Not knowing any better I took him at his word. He was adamant, intimidating, and used what I would call pressure tactics. Total cost $389.99. That evening I also spoke with (Bill) in billing. The next day 3/16/18 I received a follow up call from (Sherry) of Customer service. She verified their direct call back number 800-333-1634. Told me to call only this number if I had problems. She stated that I might receive other calls relating to this installation. I was to ignore those calls as the callers were liars. This made me even more skeptical than I already was. All three persons I spoke with had foreign accents which sounded like Indian accents. I contacted the tech support people at Geek Squad. They stated that this was a common occurence. A Tech Support person came and checked my computer yesterday 3/20/18. He verified what I suspected, which is that my (Webroot) antivirus was more than adequate to protect my system. I did not need the updated security app that My Expert Advise offered. He removed the (Symatec) app and restored my (Webroot) app. I contacted my credit card company to stop payment.

Kathleen –

Victim Location 92648

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up appeared on my computer claiming my computer had been compromised and to immediately call the number provided. I stupidly called believing they were contracted with Microsoft. They wanted remote access to my computer and wanted me to pay them money. I later learned from a legitimate tech company this was likely a scam.

Amelia –

Victim Location 95476

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Company put a popup on my huband’s desktop purporting to be Microsoft, saying his computer had been hacked. The computer was locked and a phone number was given to call Microsoft. He did so and was told the security software did not work on Win10 and they would clear the virus, malware etc but he needed to buy 5 years of Symantic Endpoint Protection. He gave them his credit card number (stupid) and they installed something purported to be Symantic and said that the computer was clean. He soon realized it was a scam and cancelled his credit card, changed passwords and brought computer to a repair shop (which found 26 viruses). They did not delete Symantec but I did when the computer returned.


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