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Leah –

Victim Location 49464

Type of a scam Employment

A job was posted to CareerBuilder and SkipTheDrive for correspondence. The company that claimed to be posting the job was MonBlanc or MonBlx. They would call initially and ask some questions that seemed normal. A couple questions would be asked that are not supposed to be asked in interviews which make it seem fishy. They then send you an email asking the same questions and stating some information. In this email it asks for social media accounts also. They will then send another email regardless of you replying, this time with a login page. They will also call multiple times within a few minutes. If you try telling them no or that they are a scam, they will turn hostile and begin harassing you.

I believe this is one of the package resend or correspondence sorting scams. The items sent to you have been bought or stolen with stolen credit card information. Then you send it to the buyer. This way you are the one that goes to jail.


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