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Kristine –

Victim Location 80020

Total money lost $29,874.86

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Hired Mojo Home Projects on 10/3/2015 to Manage a Structrual – Drainage (French Drains) – Basement Remodel. Estimated time of completion was 2 Months by Christmas, 12/25/2015.

11/1/2015-12/1/2015: First Phase – Structrual

Proposal & Paid: $26,282.50

-Hired Pinnacle Engineering

-Mojo was attempting to NOT pay them. They actually UNINSTALLED the structrual repair until Mojo paid them.

-Mojo charged me $676.00 for a Permit that was NOT pulled (per City & County of Broomfield)

12/1/2015 – 1/1/2010: 2nd Phase – French Drains

Proposal & Paid: $14,874.86

-Mojo installed French Drains

1/1/2016 – 1/26/2016: 3rd Phase – Part 1: Basement Remodel: Framing/Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical/Insullation/Egress Windows/Stairs/Engineering

Proposal & Paid: $24,083.44

-I can guarantee you that I paid Mojo, but above Contractors were not paid by him based on his reputation.

1/26/2016 – 2/29/2016: 4th Phase – Part 2: Drywall/Doors/Windows/Painting/Carpet/Bathroom Install

Proposal & Paid: $10,000

2/29/2016-3/4/2016: Contacted Jamie via Email & Text ( have these as proof) re: Status & Budget Sheet regarding the $10K. From Mon – Fri he kept putting me off telling me that he sent it, look in your Junk box, I will resend it tomorrow, etc.

-On Fri 3/4, he stopped communicating with me. I called his Coordinator & Builder, they both told me he has stopped communicating with them. At this point I filed a police report w Seargent Mike Gabel at Broomfield Police Dept.

3/7/2016: Seargent Mike Gabel called me and said: He spoke with Jamie and he has every intentions of following through with his obligation. Jamie informed Seargent that there is an appointment with an Inspector on Tues 3/8 that he will be present to continue the work.

3/8/2016: The Inspector, Myself & Coordinator showed up, but Jamie never appeared. The Inspector shared with both myself and coordinator what is keeping this project stalled.

3/9/2016: Coordinator & Myself met with the City & County of Broomfield Permit Department. Items that are not passing Inspection are from 3rd Phase Part 1: Stairs/Egress Windows/Engineering.

3/9/2016-3/25/2016: At this point I have stepped in as acting GC. Jamie has left the project.

-City&County of Broomfield informed that there was NO permit pulled for Structrual & French Drains ( he charged me for this)

-I hired another GC.

-We worked on getting the items completed to pass inspection.

3/25/2016: We passed Inspection.

3/27/2016: Myself & GC met at the property to move forward on 4th Phase Part 2 – Drywall

-We found major leaking downstairs. Mojo did not properly install the French Drains.

-Project stalled again!

3/28/2016 – 5/3/2016:

-I have been interviewing contractors to fix the French Drains.

-It will cost approx $15K

-I dont’ have the money.

-I had already refinanced and took out all the equity cash to complete this project

-Jamie knew this, and again with no remorse, took my hard earned money and retirement fund from me

Mojo owes me total $29,874.86:

– $10K for 4th Phase Part 2 – Never Started

-$5K for 3rd Phase Part 1 – Incomplete Projects

-$14,874.86 for Inproper Install of French Drains

Mojo Home Projects is operating ‘intentionally’ to fraudently take advantage of ‘every’ client and subcontractor that he works with.

He needs to be stopped immediately. He is a crook and a threat to our community as I feel very confident that everyday there is another victum he is taking advantage of.

I can get the Coordinator & Builder that worked for him to submit their statements as evidence of fraudulent behavior.

There are 2 other Clients that have filed a police report for the same actions.

There are Subcontractors that we can get statements to the fact that Mojo owes them money.

I can do more research and find "MORE" clients that could submit statements.


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