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Dylan –

Victim Location 90002

Total money lost $135

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was approached through email by a representative of this company. They offered me a position as a brand ambassador with opportunities for commission and networking, all I had to do was buy this expensive necklace and blog about it. I bought the necklace and it came broken. I requested a replacement or refund and they won’t respond and there are no viable commission opportunities because we are not informed if our blogs have influenced someone to use our code to purchase a necklace. Also the necklaces are advertised as "handmade" but are cheaply made over seas.

Amy –

Victim Location 97306

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company contacted me via instagram and wanted me to promote their business by offering me a discount on their products when they are not actually worth the amount they sell for OR the SALE price they sell for. I have something from their site I got at Forever 21 for $6. They are trying to go after younger and teenage girls like myself who want to become a makeup artist when theyre selling them more than what they are actually worth. There is NO contact information except the one email. I have been warning other girls as well

Deanna –

Total money lost $26.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made an order through MirinaCollections.com on August 31, 2016 for a $15 piece of jewelry. It’s now the end of December and I haven’t received a shipping confirmation email nor the package itself. I’ve emailed them multiple times asking for a refund and they keep ignoring my emails. I took my issue to Instagram where they blocked me. However, I’m not the only person they’ve done this to!

Sharon –

Victim Location 71105

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This business (Mirina Collections) claims to sell handmade jewerly. They will contact you on instagram asking if you want to be their embassador and that they will give a discounted price. Its been more than 3 months and I havent got anything. I keep asking them for a tracking number and they wouldn’t send anything. They will always reply the same thing over and over. I researched them on youtube and they had done the same thing to a lot of people. It takes so long to arrive cause it comes from china. Is not handmade

Fri 11/11, 1:18 PM

Hello Maria

Thank you for contacting our team. We have reviewed your account as well as contacted Usps regarding your order. Your order is in transit and will be delivered within 3-5 business day. We apologize for this delay but have sorted this out with Usps for you. We look forward to you receiving by the of the week and seeing your photo in your collection.


Nov 1, 2016, at 1:09 PM, Mirina Collections Shipping Department wrote:


Thank you for contacting our team. We have reviewed your account as well as contacted usps regarding your order. Your order is in transit and will be delivered within 3 business day. We appoligize for this delay but have sorted this out with usps for you. We look forward to you receiving by the of the week and seeing your photo in your collection.

Nov 8, 2016 at 6:03 PM, Mariaisabel Johnston Romandini wrote:

I contacted the shipping department twice and it seems like there is an automated message. Both times they said the same thing which is why I want my money back. I am not interested anymore in this product. I read a lot of reviews that said these necklaces are not made in new york and are actually being sent from china which is why it take so long to ship. I am asking please for a refund.

Hello Maria

Thank you for contacting our team. We have reviewed your account as well as contacted Usps regarding your order. Your order is in transit and will be delivered within 3-5 business day. We apologize for this delay but have sorted this out with Usps for you. We look forward to you receiving by the of the week and seeing your photo in your collection.

Laura –

Victim Location 37032

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This company claims to manufacture handmade necklaces. The necklaces are listed at high prices of $100 USD or more. The company approaches social media accounts and states they would like the have the account owner become their product ambassador. The potential ambassador is told they will receive a $100+ USD necklace for only the weight of the materials used and the shipping cost. I have read several poor accounts of interactions with this company. From this point on this information will be in regards to my interaction with the company. My necklace was stated to take 3-4 weeks for hand production then 15 days of ship time after receiving the official shipping email. After making my purchase my card was immediately charged the amount, as opposed to my typical online purchases where I am not billed until the item is shipped. After 4 weeks passed I received an email on July 5 stating my item shipped. 20 days later from the date of the email, I still had not received a package. I reached out to the company via their only customer service option- their email. I was told that my package would arrive by the end of the week and if it did not I was to email the company on Saturday, August 6 and I would be sent a the necklace via express shipping. I did not have the package and emailed the company as instructed. In my email I stated I did not want to be sent another necklace nor did I want to be a product ambassador. I stated I would not suggest the company to my friends or family and, therefore, did not want to be a part of their company promotion. Three business days later I had not received a reply. I reached out the the company’s social media via Instagram. I calmly and plainly stated I was requesting help regarding my order number and that, despite my emails, I had not received help. I was then blocked from the businesses’ Instagram account. I have received the necklace in the mail today and used the tracking on the front of the package to track the shipping times via USPS. The shipping email was sent July 5, yet the shipping was not started until July 29. Furthermore, my package was sent to me from China. The customs papers with my package stated the USD amount of the necklace enclosed was $5. They are charging $130 USD full retail for the specific necklace I purchased and charged me $34 USD under their ambassador program. I am under the impression their ambassador program is how they are building income as they have individuals under the impression they are receiving a discount on a handmade item. My packaging info also listed a phone number for the sender. I googled this phone number and was led to an AliExpress account. The information was all in Chinese, therefore I had to enter it into google translate. Through the translation I was shown the phone number for the AliExpress account is the same as the phone number listed as the company that sent me this product. AliExpress is a wholesale company which ships from China. Several of the Mirina Collections Necklaces can be found on AliExpress. I understand buying wholesale and reselling under a business license is not illegal, however this company is marketing their necklace designs as hand made, one of a kind pieces. After sending a stern email I have been instructed I will be issued a refund. I am attempting to reach out to the business’ ecommerce carrier, Shopify, in order to confirm the refund but have yet to have any response. I feel this company needs to be investigated as they claim to be a handmade jewelry company working out of New York. It is stated that their designs are used in New York Fashion week as well.

Joel –

Victim Location 37122

Total money lost $129

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Mirina Collections contacts primarily young women via social media accounts and promises a greatly discounted product in exchange for the product being featured on said person’s social media account. It just seems like clever social media marketing at first. But Mirina Collections is a front for a fraudulent business. I was promised a discount code, which worked in my "cart," but when I went to check out and complete payment I was charged full price. I contacted Mirina Collections multiple times to request cancellation of the purchase, but no one got back with me, and upon checking my accounts I realized that the charges came from a company called "Mirina Computer Software" in Florida–whereas Mirina Collections claims to be located in New York.

Ronnie –

Victim Location 92860

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There is a company doing business known as Mirina Collections that are contacting fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers worldwide to be Brand Ambassadors for their company. They offer up a free necklace that retails on their site for $140 and up, you just pay for shipping. Plus offering a coupon code that never works either. ALL of their so-called handmade necklaces can be found on Amazon for significantly less. The also plagiarize other company’s photos, passing them off as their own.

Olivia –

Victim Location 03561

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Mirina Collections contacted me about being an ambassador for their company and that I would get a free necklace and just pay shipping and weight. That cost $40 (necklace retails for $150). When I received my necklace 5 weeks later my necklace was ridiculously cheap feeling. The gems were glued and cheap and some were crooked. The second wear, one fell out. I contacted the company and told them and they said they would send me another. And that less than 1% break. Ok sure. Anyway I then receive a picture from a friend on Amazon for $5. Exact same thing. I then look into it and found that so many other had this same experience. I told Mirina I wanted a refund and to no longer be part of their company. They blocked me on Amazon and never responded.

Morgan –

Victim Location 71446

Total money lost $44.70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is scamming girls to become "ambassadors" for their brand. For a "FREE" necklace and a chance to be featured on their Instagram page, just pay "shipping/weight" fees… In order to promote their brand.

My necklace was ordered Nov. 20th.. Was finally shipped Jan. 2nd (after I had to email them asking for my necklace!!) and arrived on Jan 7th.

Their policies claim you can’t receive a refund if you use a "code" for your purchase. But you are given a code to be an "ambassador."

When you become an "ambassador" you are promised to have a 20% off code for your followers (most codes don’t even work!!) You are promised to be featured on their page (usually not). Promised to expand your following and so on.

They have stolen photos from other people’s businesses to use for their own advertising. They refuse to refund their customers. They block and delete anyone who reveals evidence showing that their company is a fraud.

This is not a business. It’s a scam.

Tyler –

Victim Location 96792

Total money lost $59.90

Type of a scam Employment

I was approached by a company called Mirina Collections about two months ago on my Instagram account. They indicated that they would like me to represent their brand by becoming an ambassador; they said they would send me one of their "famous necklaces" for "free", and and that all would need to do is pay a "small shipping and weight fee". My "shipping fee" ending up being around $60, and I went ahead with the transaction and the whole process against my better judgment. I was promised several opportunities, including networking. I was also told I would be given a discount code to give to my followers to use on MirinaCollections.com. Although I did receive the necklace after a long wait, the discount code they supplied me did not work when I tried it on their website. Their website also indicated that their jewelry is handmade to order in the US. It has been brought to my attention by other victims (apparently they make a lot of money off of their "ambassadors", and they are constantly stalking social media accounts to recruit new ones) of this scam that the exact same necklaces can be purchased on websites such as Aliexpress and Amazon for $5-$8. The company has even been exposed as having used other entities’ photos for their advertising purposes. Anyway, I revisited the definition of "fraud", and the account I just shared with you surely meets the definition. Furthermore, I was just approached by another company with an eerily similar offer as Mirina Collections’ called NORA NYC. I think they are effectively the same company and if you visit their respective websites their addresses are actually the same (which someone informed me is actually a virtual address). When I asked Mirina Collections if they are associated with NORA NYC on Instagram, I was blocked by their Instagram account.

Allen –

Victim Location 29579

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Employment

This "company" called Mirina Collections is contacted women and men in the Beauty industry and that are on Social Media as influencers to join their "brand ambassador" program, asking the person they want on their team to PAY THEM. The necklaces they sell are stolen off of Amazon (Amazon sells them for $27) and they are selling them on their website STARTING AT $149. They got me to be a victim. I thought it was strange that they were asking ME to pay them since brands that want you to work with them pay YOU. Horrible people. They sent me the same email 8 times even though I had already became a "brand ambassador" AND they have come up with ANOTHER brand called NoraNYC who is ripping off QUAY sunglasses and sending out the exact same email that "Mirina Collections" sent out.


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