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Armando –

Victim Location 16335

Type of a scam Tech Support

They contacted me by setting my computer off with a message to call this number because someone was hacking my computer. After several payments later I told them not to call again. Then I received my bank statement and found that they had sent two electronic checks through my account for a total of $799.99. After calling them they said they would look unto it. They called and said they would refund my money. They wanted to put it back on my discover card. Then they said they made a mistake and put $3000.00 more on my account and if I wanted my

money I had to go to Walmart and get 5 $250.00 gift cards and bring them home and give him the numbers. So I left and called discover and had my card cancelled, next I called my bank and had my account frozen. Needless to say they were not happy when they called. Never never give any account information out.


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