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Jeremiah –

Victim Location 77064

Type of a scam Employment

The following case from the ScamPulse.com Scam Tracker happened nearly identically to me yesterday & this morning:

<span title="[https://www.bbb.org/us/wa/seattle/profile/health-and-medical-products/mindshare-medical-inc-1296-1000080786/details#all-alerts]
[https://www.bbb.org/us/wa/seattle/profile/health-and-medical-products/mindshare… />
I received a text message from (203) 529-4270 with instructions to contact [email protected] on Google Hangouts. She offered me the job using the same platform, we agreed to connect again the following morning and they then sent the fraudulent check ($3350.50) overnight via FedEx. I connected with them as arranged this morning, only to confirm that they did use this service/carrier and to inform them that they would be reported.

I will handle the check precisely as instructed by the USPIS (as I’m filing a report with them, as well). I also have a screenshots of the entire chat log, if needed.


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