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Barry –

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was trying to change my default browser back to google chrome, my computer froze and a message came up about the Zeus virus and that it had infected my computer. It gave me a 1-800 # for tech support, which I called. They told me on behalf of Microsoft they needed to fix my computer, they were tech support for Microsoft. A company called Tech-net. #1-866-460-3621. They had access to my computer and i have no idea how, it seemed very legit, when they started asking for banking information i did get wary. It went to pre-paid visa payments which should of been a huge red flag for me. Yet I ended up paying them anyway, they still want more money and are adamant about it. My loss of the use of the computer and the fact that they had control over the screen was what convinced me it was legitimate. It was an American company, i talked to three different people all with Indian accents, yet very knowledgeable. They downloaded spyware and malware programs onto my computer from where ever they were, they ran scans of my computer for hours, it seemed very legitimate. Regardless to this point it has cost me $200.00. ** * ** ***


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