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Maurice –

Victim Location 90815

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This scammer told me I had ordered a Microsoft product by phone for $499.00. This was false I did not order anything from Microsoft. The caller then said in order to cancel my order (which was never made) I would need to be in front of my computer and access my banking information. I have gotten this call before and am tired if it and others like it!!!

Jason –

Victim Location 90254

Type of a scam Phishing

These people have been calling me daily to tell me there is a problem with my Micro soft windows. This morning they called me and woke me up at 6;00 am. I have had it they have called at least 10 times. I finally called them and a voice came on recorded saying have your computer

on . The voice was from a foreign country and a women. I said stop calling me you are a bogus company and I will report you to the How dare you call me at this hour. Don’t call me again . She hung up. The message that was left on my phone was a women in perfect English stating a problem with my computer..

Jose –

Victim Location 95116

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a robotic voicemail stating that I needed to pay my yearly Microsoft subscription (what product is unknown – the beginning of the voicemail was cut off) of $*** or I would incur further charges. I called the phone number back and was told by a gentleman that I needed to give him my name, address, and credit card information. I called back several times; there were about 4 different men I spoke to over these phone calls, all with Indian accents besides one, who had a British accent. This is absolutely absurd; when I told them I knew they were frauds, they immediately hung up on me or spewed blasphemies at me.


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