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Karl –

Victim Location 90275

Type of a scam Credit Cards

While online, my computer began beeping and across my screen was an extensive message that my computer had been infected with virus(es) and I needed to contact Mac immediately.

Called number on the screen and a man answered. I explained to him what happened and he said he would fix the problem, but would need permission to navigate. He asked what I was doing on my computer before I received the virus alert and told him I was online on a retail website. He showed me a window with a bunch of numbers and addresses and said that a foreign address has taken information on my computer. He said he would send this information to a technician and mentioned that I needed a security and protection plan. I told him that the Apple rep never mentioned any type of plan when I purchased my mac. He said it was something I needed to prevent this from happening again. He asked me which plan I wanted; 5 yrs at 395.00 or lifetime at 695.00. I chose the 5 yr and gave him my CC#. He started asking me about bank accounts and that I should check my account information to make sure nothing suspicious has happened. I told him that I was not going to check accounts with him sharing my screen. I asked him again if I had called Apple and he said yes. I told him I was going to terminate call and contact Apple directly and take my computer to the Apple store. He tried to keep me on the phone and said that I was already talking with an Apple tech. I hung up and called my CC company to find that they had just blocked a transaction for 499.99. Spoke to the bank rep and explained what happened. Closed card and had it replaced. Fortunately, the bank monitors my activity and had blocked that transaction.


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